Opera is one of the most powerful Web browser. Opera is well known for the innovative PC browser, and full-line mobile telephones and equipment. Opera have the best reputation and record is in the browser's security. So that our customers from security vulnerabilities, fraudulent websites and malicious hackers is a top priority for Opera. Opera is by hundreds of engineers, developers and security experts who are constantly looking to make the browser more secure.

Most of the functionality provided through firefox extension has been inbuilt directly into Opera.So you do not have to download other extension in Opera. In addition, opera is highly customizable and supports all standard plug-ins.

There are several ways to open multiple web pages.

Bookmarking web pages to a folder, navigating to folder from bookmarks menu and clicking Open All Folder Items.
Bookmarking web pages to a folder, giving nickname to folder and entering nickname in address field or setting nickname as home page in Tools > Preferences… > General > Home page.
Opening web pages, saving them as session File > Sessions > Save This Session… and opening it File > Sessions.

The advantage of sessions over bookmarks is it can store several settings (zoom, fit to width, images, etc.) per tab. Sessions can be opened quickly by assigning it to a Speed Dial slot.

Open web pages.
Save them as session File > Sessions > Save This Session….
Assign it to a Speed Dial slot.
The path to session file should not contain space. If path has space use DOS name. To find DOS name of a directory/file, open Command Prompt, change path to parent directory of directory/file and type the following command.

opera support Command Prompt to find DOS name

opera support Speed Dial edit dialog with path to session file

opera support Speed Dial with session

Source :- http://operawatch.com/category/news/opera-tutorial

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10 version of Opera, including thumbnails and Turbo label model - a model for all the support of Web standards

Opera may not be the most well-known or most commonly used web browser, but over the years, it has been the most innovative. Under normal circumstances, functions, become mainstream browser in the first Opera.

Therefore, in the release version of Opera 10, Opera is the continuation of such competition on innovation? Very good, and the 10 version of Opera is not the most innovative version of the Opera, I have seen, it also has some nice new features and characteristics, it is possible to make their way to other browsers of the future.

Turbo mode

One of the more talked-about new features in Opera 10 is Turbo mode. Turbo mode uses compression technology in an attempt to speed slow Internet connections. Turbo mode is targeted mainly at users still stuck on dial-up connections, but it can also be useful for bad Wi-Fi connections.
Turbo mode can’t make a slow connection fast, but most web pages loaded up more quickly than in other web browsers with it turned on. In addition, Turbo mode can be configured to kick in only when a connection starts to slow down.

Opera 10 beta also has improved the look and feel, there are some very good improvements in tag window. In Opera 10 is now possible to adjust a bar and its label's Web site shows thumbnails label. Speed dial feature in Opera can be introduced in a new tab, and live shows thumbnails of frequently visited Web site. This is a great feature, which has been copied in Google Chrome and Apple Safari. However, in the trial version of Opera 10, users can customize their own speed dial in a number of aspects of the page.

As usual, the site users can choose to display speed dial and drag and drop the order in which they show. Advanced customization options allow users to control the layout and even add a background picture.

Opera 10 beta also includes some small changes, including a resizable search bar and improve the built-in spell checker. Previous versions of Opera, which requires users to download and install the new version, 10 version of Opera browser, users can set up automatic updates.

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The Opera browser with version 10 for better and faster. The first beta of the new version is now available. The test version of 'Peregrine' is available on the website of the Norwegian browser maker, and offers an insight into the innovations of the new software. Major additions are Opera Turbo, an improved engine and retouching of visual representation.

Opera Turbo is a new compression technology that the developers for users with limited bandwidth to operate. The idea is that data first on a separate server package, and then be sent to the client. Some content is only loaded after the user. The promise is that they gain a speed factor of three or four is achieved, for example, full Wi-Fi access points or even dial-up connections.

The engine, Presto, is up to version 2.2 and a significant speed gain when it comes to loading of rich web pages. Opera itself claims a speed gain of 40 percent. In addition, Opera promised that the engine meets all the web. In December, got the alpha version of Opera 10 a 100 percent score on the Acid3 test standard.

Visual developers also hope to be noticed by a professional designer to the browser. There are all sorts of handy added, including the ability to tab keys to stretch or to shrink it and set the speed dial. Web Integration is also addressed, as is a mail to' link to link to a webmail service, and you can different RSS readers and Bit torrent Clients as default instead of the bundled Opera parts.

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