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The popularity of virtualization technology in European countries is growing: in the first place, it is associated with a reduction of costs in the area of servers and data storage systems. Statistics of sales of servers with preloaded virtualisation platform that ...

Virtualization seized servers and SAN.

The first quarter of 2009 was the worst in the history of the global server market: sales here fell by more than 20% and the money, and in quantitative terms. Recovery of demand in the ... Market servers: even worse than it was, Opera Software Company now, formally presented the Opera Unite - new technology that enables users to communicate with the computers of friends and acquaintances directly and share information without the use of online services.

This technology allows us to better control the use of private data in the public domain. In addition, the user can work remotely from stored on their computer information with any other device equipped with a modern web browser.

Services Opera Unite based on the same open Web standards, and Web sites. It simplifies the creation of new applications-based Opera Unit.
Today we open a real potential of the Internet for all users. Technologies developed under the spiral. Once the emergence of personal computers led to the allocation of computing, previously focused on mainframes. In turn, Opera Unite is designed to make the(cloud) technology more democratic. Browser with an embedded web server gives developers the ability to quickly and easily create Web applications, and end-users receive a flexible tool with a powerful control system for access to private data and advanced functionality of sharing information. We believe that the Opera Unite is our most important innovation from the ever, because this technology is changing the fundamental understanding of the web space

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Opera Mini - this is a well-known web browser for mobile phones, which made browsing and searching the Internet more convenient, efficient and certainly more exciting than other mobile browsers.

With the latest version of Opera Mini 9.6, you work on the Internet goes to a new level of interactivity:

Record speed: Opera knows a lot of speed in their development and gives a major role increasing the speed of data transmission.

Completion: Opera Mini has made a set URL function simple and intuitive. When selecting addresses of Opera Mini 9.6 automatically suggests options for URL addresses, taken from the bookmarks and history of visited pages.

Saving of pages: With this feature, you can save the Web page with the information necessary for viewing offline, which provides quick access to information even when the Internet connection is unavailable.

Search for information on this page: before the search word or phrase on the small screen was a painful test. Now with Opera Mini you can search for any information on this page very quickly and easily.

Receive and file transfer: There are no more necessary to change the standard Opera Mini browser to download pictures, ring tones, or add an application in writing. Opera Mini is able to cope with all these challenges.

Security : Opera has long been regarded as the safes Web browser and protect your computer from online scans, viruses, and malicious software and protect your personal information.

Fraud protection : Opera's Fraud protection checks every web sites you request and shows the security status of the pages as an icon on the right side of the address field.

Anti-Malware : Opera protects your machine as well as your browser with Malware distribution protection.

Opera Mini not only provides quick access to the Internet, but also displays pages as they appear in the desktop browser version. Opera Mini now includes Opera Link, a free service, synchronizing bookmarks, Speed Dial and personal bar between web browsers.

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The Norwegian publisher has announced the launch of a set of Web Services, Operations Unit, to share, from PC to PC, files (images, documents, music) between users. Other services will follow.

Opera has not made the choice to lock its application only to users of its browser. Indeed, access to Operation Unit is independent of the software. The platform is open and allows any developer to design their own services, not only in the area of file sharing.

In addition, unlike other systems of sharing, it does not need to have storage space online. With Unite, Opera hopes to initiate the creation of new social networks that will be controlled by users themselves and not by others, as is the case with MySpace or Flickr.

The user and retain full control of their data, since they only remain stored on his computer. Available on Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac OS, Opera Unite is currently available in alpha version.

The editor in the coming weeks to add new services to its platform. The first, Jukebox, allows you to select music files and share them, listening with other people. Full details are available from the dedicated website Unite Opera.

Opera is also considering collaborative applications. But unlike Google Spreadsheets, a third party server hosting the data would not be necessary. The new version of Opera browser is now available in beta with a Turbo and an accelerated tabbed browsing journal by displaying thumbnail preview.

Available under Linux OS, Mac and Windows, Opera 10 beta improves one of its major features, the Turbo mode. The latter helps to speed up loading of Web pages when the bandwidth is low.
To do this, Opera filter certain data from the page, such as Flash animations, and compresses the images. Through the optimization of Turbo, the publisher announced it has reduced by two thirds the time of loading.

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The very first thing one encounters when starting Opera 10 for the first time, it is refreshing the user interface. Opera has been the designer Jon Hicks to join the team for the beautiful people look up to the browser. Aesthetics is always a smaksak, but yours truly seems in any case that Opera 10 stands as a more attractive and far healthier browser.

There you have to take into account is that Opera is a program that is rich in features and suffering in many ways the same problem that the applications in Office suite to Microsoft - which the programs have very many features, but where the challenge lies in create a user interface that makes it easy for the user to access the various functions without being confused. We like what we see in Opera 10.For our part, it seemed as if the user tries to emphasize the new features such as Opera Turbo.


Due to the program's version status, we have not put great emphasis on test performance. A couple of tests we have taken the time to. Opera promises Opera 10 beta is the full 40 percent faster than the current 9.6-release. Under Future Marks Peace Keeper browser program achieved a profit of 1639 points. This is the second best result we have received during this Test.

By comparison, the Opera 9.64 520 points and preview release of version 703 points Tuesday. Although the increase in performance is solid, it is still a good distance up to 2.0 Google Chrome web browser that can view the incredible 2225 points. By comparison, getting 330 points IE8 and Firefox 3.0.10 470 points.

Faster Gmail

In more practical tests are the clear signs of improvement. In particular, Gmail goes very quickly. Here we talk about an improvement approaching two-gangeren. For popular services like Facebook and Twitter were discrepancies in the results so different that we have not chosen to emphasize them in this round. Was probably the server load that created the store in inconsistent results. But in brief, it is still a bit to the super fast Chrome, which is always a taken front of all the browsers on the market.


Opera has recently come in the shadow of Microsoft, Google and Firefox. The latter company has recently been busy launching new final and non-final versions of their browsers. With this beta release of Opera shows the company that they have not rested on our laurels.

Instead, the forces have been used to develop and improve. With this beta version of Opera browser 10 serves all interested a browser that is faster, more attractive and even easier to use than previous generations.

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It is a new feather in Opera's cap.Norway's Opera Software is the most used and popular mobile browser in the world now.Web analytics firm StatCounter released this statment on Tuesday.

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According to StatCounter, the total number of all Internet pages that were downloaded to mobile devices globally in May, 24.6 percent were downloaded through Opera's browser and 22.3 percent via iPhone. The top spot has see-sawed this year.
"Opera began the year in the number one slot but iPhone overtook it in February,"
Aodhan Cullen, chief executive of StatCounter, said in a statement.
"It will be fascinating to watch how this battle plays out over the year."

Opera sells its browser to many cellphone makers and operators.Consumers can directly download it for free, while the Apple browser's ranking reflects only iPhone users surfing the Internet. Nokia , the world's top cellphone maker, retained third place in mobile browsers with 17.9 percent of the market, StatCounter said. StatCounter said its research data is based on four billion pages loaded per month.

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Opera Released New Browser

Opera is in news once more.Opera , a Software company from Norway released first test version of Opera 10 on Wednesday.The newest version of its browser, promising faster downloads, new design and new features.

Opera is one of top browser maker in the world and ranks third worldwide.But there is big gap between Opera and Microsoft or Mozilla Foundation. Competition in the browser market has escalated lately after Google launched its own Internet browser, Chrome, in 2008.

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"Your Web browser is the most important piece of software you will ever use," Opera's Chief Executive Jon von Tetzchner said in a statement. "We think Opera 10 will redefine how you can enjoy the Web." According to Opera the new browser is more than 40 percent faster than its previous browser on resource-intensive pages such as Gmail and Facebook, and adds features like full thumbnails of all open tabs. Companies usually release several successive test versions of their browsers so they can incorporate user feedback in a series of improvements before their final launch. Microsoft launched its latest IE8 browser in March after a year of public beta testing. Microsoft's Internet Explorer is used for about 60 percent of global Internet traffic, Mozilla's Firefox has about 30 percent, and Opera is at 4 percent, just ahead of Google and Apple, according to Web analytics firm StatCounter.

Opera , Mozilla and Google have protested Microsoft's dominance in the browser market to the European authorities. Microsoft has run afoul of U.S. and European antitrust regulators for bundling its browser with its operating system, which competitors say is an attempt to drive them out of the market. In January, European regulators brought formal charges against Microsoft for abusing its dominant market position by bundling its Internet Explorer Web browser with its Windows operating system, which is used in 95 percent of the world's personal computers. Opera has a small share of the desktop browser market, but its mobile browser is the most widely used browser on handsets.

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