Mobile browsers also referred to as mini-browsers or micro-browsers are web browsers designed specifically to be used on mobile phones or PDAs. They are optimized to display internet content effectively on small screen of portable or handled devices. Generally they are stripped down version of their desktop counterpart, but the features required from these browsers are steep; like they should use low memory capacity and low bandwidth of wireless handheld devices.

There are many mobile browsers in market today like internet explorer mobile by Microsoft, android browser by Google and blackberry browser by Research in Motion but opera mini (web based browser provided by opera) is the best web browser Smartphone device market has seen yet. So what makes opera mini undisputed king of mobile browsing? Let's find out:

Opera mini allows us to view full webpage, a major feature which internet explorer mobile or any other major brand mobile-browser lacks. Open the page from internet explorer mobile and you will be redirected to ""; open the same in opera mini and it will let you enjoy the web page in its full glory. Opera-mini includes several new features, which includes: automatic competition of web addresses, which makes it easier to get to the site you need.

Opera-mini also include tools for attaching file to web-based email, uploading content and photos to your blog or site and also downloading attachments from email which can be stored in phone memory. Opera-mini also gives us option for saving the page offline, so that we can view the page even when we are not connected to the network. It also lets you search for text within a web page, so that you can get to information quickly.

Some other features included in mini version of opera are: bookmarks synching, speed Dial, page viewing in landscape mode, power scrolling mode. With development of mobile technology web browsers now support full CSS and opera mini is no exception. It has native support for CSS 2.1 and JavaScript. Due to handset limitations and client-server architecture of opera-mini AJAX applications cannot be expected to run properly, although XMLHttpRequest is supported, therefore many AJAX websites will run properly.

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Posted by Jenny on Thursday, August 25, 2011

When connecting to different Web pages through your Opera browser, you are accessing a saved version of the website located on a computer server. Servers host this information and your computer makes a request to access the data. Web browsers like Opera use port 80 by default to connect to the World Wide Web. This port is kept open and used to identify your computer when you connect, request information and transfer it to your own system. You can change the port used and select a custom proxy server by accessing the Opera tools menu.


Open your Opera Web browser and click "Tools" on the menu bar.

Navigate to Preferences, then click the "Advanced" tab. Click on "Network" to access the settings.

Click "Proxy Servers." Click the box titled "HTTP" to customize your server and port settings.

Type the server IP address in the space provided. Next, enter the port number in the Port box. Click "OK" to save the settings.

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Posted by Jenny on Thursday, August 18, 2011

Opera Mini is a third-party web browser for your cell phone which works in addition to, or as a replacement for, any browser that is pre-installed in your phone. It provides a full web browser on many phones which otherwise can only view web pages specifically written for cell phones


Use your phone's installed browser to go to the Opera Mini download page.

Follow the instructions on that page to download Opera Mini to your phone. The Opera website will automatically determine what kind of cell phone you have, and give you the specific software your phone requires.

Confirm that you wish to install the software when your phone prompts you to do so.

Launch the Opera Mini software by selecting the Opera icon, a large red "O." On a smartphone, you will usually find the Opera icon in a list of other applications on the home screen. On regular cell phones, the software will be in a menu listing for "Your Applications," "Your Apps" or "Your Games."

Tap or select one of the default bookmarks on the first Opera Mini screen to confirm that everything is working properly. If you receive an error message at any point in the process, use a computer web browser to go to the Opera Mini support web page. Instructions to resolve common problems on many different types of cell phones are provided here.

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Posted by Jenny on Monday, August 8, 2011