If you are new to using the Internet, the first question you probably have in mind would be what are the free web browsers. You can start using the Internet once you have a browser. There are many free web browsers available online today. You can simply save it in your computer and install it easily. Some of them are Firefox browser and Mozilla.

Mozilla's Firefox is one of the answers to the question, what are the free browsers. This is a standard web browser you can get for free online. It has several features which are all useful. You can open multiple pages at one time when you browse. This web browser also ensures the safety of the users by having developer and privacy tools. The pop-ups are blocked first and the user is asked to allow it to be opened first before it appears. The Firefox is much safer because the ActiveX support is disabled. This is the feature is usually the thing that spyware utilizes to give infections to computers.

The Opera browser is the second answer to the question,what are the free web browsers. This browser has an engine for rendering which other browsers does not. Another useful feature it has is the multiple tabs you can open at a time. It also blocks illegal pop ups. It has provides a chatting feature as well as an email feature. It has anti-phishing tools that can detect spyware and block it at the same time. It also blocks websites that seem to contain viruses. Opera has a function where you can use your voice to do commands. You can also have it read the texts to you.

Maxthon Tabbed is the third answer to the question,what are the free web browsers. This is a web browser that lets you open multiple pages. Users can customize the engine's interface because the IE or Internet explorer is embedded. Some of its features are auto-scrolling, plug-in tool, form filling and other tools for external use. It also blocks pop ups and lets the Unicode have extensions. You can also choose your own skin.

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Posted by Jenny on Thursday, July 28, 2011

You no longer need to worry about annoying pop-up advertisements while you're surfing online. Opera has a blocker you can put to use that will prevent your computer screen from being filled with these excess windows. You also have several options at your fingertips for configuring the browser to more efficiently deal with pop-ups.


Open the Opera Web browser in Windows and click on 'Tools.' Then scroll down the list and click on 'Preferences,' which will open the Preferences box. Mac users need to click on the 'Opera' link at the top of the screen and then on 'Preferences.'

Click on the 'General' tab and you'll see the pop-ups section within the preferences box. Choose between several options that include 'Block Unwanted Pop-ups,' 'Block All Pop-ups' and 'Open Pop-ups In Background.'
Pick the option you prefer and then click the 'Ok' button to save your preferences and to close the box.
Watch for the next time Opera blocks a pop-up. If you're on a Mac, you'll have the option to look at the pop-up by clicking on the 'Trash Icon' and picking the pop-up you want to see. Windows users will receive a notification box with options of what to do with the pop-up. This way, you won't miss the occasional important pop-up window sent by a legitimate Web site.

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Posted by Jenny on Thursday, July 21, 2011

The BlackBerry has a great web browser, but even the most staunch user may admit that it is not the most feature-friendly mobile browser. Luckily, the Opera browser has a version that can run on your BlackBerry phone


Things You'll Need

  Micro SD card

 Insert a micro SD card into the phone's SD slot. The size is not that important, though I recommend at least 1 GB
Open your regular BlackBerry Browser and put http://www.operamini.com/download/wap/ in the address bar.
 Select your phone type and model.
Download the program to your SD card when prompted and answer "yes" to all the installation questions.
Select your preferences and you'll be ready to browse.

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Posted by Jenny on Monday, July 11, 2011

Is your web browser, Opera, slow in loading pages and does not open well when you try to open it? Does it also crash frequently? If the answer to these questions is in affirmative then you better need to take a few steps to correct this problem and speed up an Opera browser.

It must be noted that excessive browsing may result in browsers crashing as well as working slower than before. Also there occur errors in Windows Registry which cause browsers to respond poorly to user requests. Common Registry errors behind programs not opening well are the Files Association Errors. It is also a known fact that internet browsers are prone to strange infections received while browsing suspicious web sites.

The same reasons may be behind why is Opera slow on your computer. Now if you are ready to know that how to speed up Opera browser then follow the guidelines detailed here:

-- Clearing Internet Cache: If you browse internet for so long it is obvious there gather a lot of cache. Try to make it a habit to clear cache whenever you end a browsing session. Sometimes people continue to use web browser while they do not take care of cache which can allow infections to penetrate into your system not only making your browser slow but ruining your complete system.

-- Delete History: Its a good habit to delete internet history and to disallow pages to be saved in your browser history files.

-- Excessive Toolbars: Sometimes people mess their browsers with excessive toolbars and add-ons. Although some of them are really helpful but most are not. It is wise to keep a few items set as toolbars in your web browser.

-- Repair and Fix Registry: To easily speed up Opera repair and fix your Windows Registry especially the Files Association Errors. This Registry repair will also speed up your PC.

It is highly recommended to carry out these steps and then using a registry cleaner and PC optimizer tool to fix common errors in Windows.

Moreover cleaning Windows registry is good to remove spyware elements present in the Registry. Most antispywares are not able to properly scan for spyware present in the Windows Registry. However, a good registry cleaner will surely eliminate this spyware effect.

If there are things making Opera slow you need to keep your Windows properly maintained. Prevention is the best cure.

If you need a complete registry cleaning solution and do not have time to follow all the tips you can try this globally recognized software utility available at Cnet.

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Posted by Jenny on Friday, July 1, 2011