Opera is designed with the most advanced and widespread security measures available, making on-line purchasing simple.
Some sites may greet you with a page saying something along the lines of "You do not have a secure browser; please download Netscape Communicator or Internet Explorer." The site designer may, mistakenly, believe that only those browsers support advanced security, although Opera has levels of security that are as good as or superior to these browsers.
Changing how Opera identifies itself will often allow you to circumvent this problem: press F12 to display the Quick Preferences dialog box, then use Edit site preferences > Network, and select to "Identify as" Mozilla or Internet Explorer. When you have selected one of these alternatives, go back to the page you were attempting to enter.
Before you enter any information about yourself, especially credit card details, look for the security bar that should appear on the address bar. On the security bar, there should be an icon that looks like a locked padlock. If you hover your mouse over the icon, you will see what kind of encryption the site uses. The organizational name of the security certificate holder should appear beside the padlock icon.
Some Web sites will open a separate window with the address bar hidden. In this case, Opera will display the security bar as a collapsed address bar that shows the domain that the window belongs to. Before you enter any sensitive information, check that the domain matches the domain that you were expecting. You can also click the collapsed address bar to show the full address bar, and security bar.
Opera supports internationalized domain names (IDN), which allows domain names in languages such as Russian and Chinese to be written in their own native scripts. Opera will only allow certain combinations of scripts to be displayed in localized characters, unless the top level domain is trusted. Trusted top level domains are selected if they have established strict policies on the domain names they allow to be registered.
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