Opera Widgets are small web programs running outside the browser. They float on your desktop for quick and easy access to information or services.

Opera browsers can install and open these widgets, showing them directly on the user's desktop (or equivalent in other devices). Widgets are native applications created with web standards, which can integrate nicely with your computer or device. Be aware of the fact that these encryption widgets will not stop professional snoopers like NTFO or CIA from reading your text, but they will slow them down.

MY suggestion would be to create a widget which will notify blog subscribers about any new changes or posts made in the blog they subscribe to. Code named the "Blog Helper" widget allows blog readers to subscribe to a blog's content on the blog. As soon as a new entry is posted the subscribers will be notified on the channel they choose (Email, Google Talk, Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, etc).

Benefits for the blog include:

- Increased fidelity: subscribers come to the site more often.
- Subscribers Inflow: they can subscribe with any channels they use, not just the "default" (email and RSS).
- Direct Service: no other tool (like a Feed Reader) needed.
- Faster action: as soon as the widget detects a new content on the subscribed blog, it will push it to all the subscribers.

This Blog Helper Widget allows blog readers to subscribe in one click to the blogs they visit.

The widget could work as follows:-

1. Visit the blog.
2. Select the channel you want to be notified upon: Email, AIM, Rediff Bol, GTalk, Jabber,Meebo, Live Messenger, ICQ or Yahoo Messenger.
3. Click on "Subscribe to blog".
4. You will then be asked for a confirmation code (still on the blog), that you should have received on the channel you selected, enter it and you're ready to rock n roll.

For a blog writer this widget would prove to be a wonderful program as for the blog readers it would be a very simple and handy tool. I've talked with few of my peers about this idea and it seems that "All Love it!!!" This widget will help us receive information we want on the channel we need. This widget is surely going to be an eye catcher. There is no widget of such kind in the opera widget market, and if one is made it will be of great help. Widgets are meant to make internet experience a very wonderful and relaxed one, so why shouldn't we make our experience a relaxed one?

Article Source: http://goo.gl/Zl4u5

Posted by Jenny on Thursday, September 1, 2011