There are a bunch of really great browsers out there. Although I personally use Google Chrome as my default browser, I think that Opera 10 is one of the browsers worth trying out ultimately. You might find yourself making it your default browser. As a chrome user myself I don't feel all that alien to Opera 10 because some of its features are pretty similar. Chrome users might find the transition between browsers easy. The first similarity that you'll find is the speed dial page. It should look like Chrome's thumbnail page except that it doesn't show the recently and frequently visited web pages.

Speed dial is actually a more appropriate term for it because it works like a phone's speed dial. There are nine boxes that you can set to link directly to your favorite site. All you have to do is click on a box that isn't assigned to link to a website yet and then type in the site that you want to set it to. If you've already been visiting sites on the browser, it will automatically sites that you've been frequenting and then you can click on the one you want to assign the link to. One of my favorite features on Opera's speed dial is that you can set it up just like you desktop.

You have a choice in how you want to arrange the dial pad. It might be limited, but at least you have the freedom to move it around. If you're a minimalist freak like me, you might throw a fit because the boxes can't be moved from the center of the screen to make the background of the page visible. This leads me to my other favorite fact about it, the speed dial page can be set to have a background, which may not exactly be great for some, but it's one of the things that attract me to it.

Pretty soon, background images will be drawn up just to make that page look likable. It kinda works like Stylish works for the Mozzila Firefox. Speaking of Firefox, this reminds me of how much lighter Opera 10 is compared to Firefox. While Firefox eats up memory at 180mb, Opera follows with a measly 100mb of memory usage. However, both of them are trumped by Google Chrome, which leads by eating up just 15mb of your computer's memory. So whether you're editing photos, playing a game or running some other application that needs a lot of memory, it's better if you leave your Opera browser running in the background rather than Firefox.

I like the tab features on Opera 10 because hovering your cursor over the tab will show you a thumbnail of the image of the page. This makes it easier since you don't need to move from your current tab and try to look at the page that you can't remember. Despite that little convenience, I just don't see how useful that is. It looks pretty, but that's all there is to it. Turbo mode is also one of the better features on the new Opera browser, but I just can't seem to see the big difference in loading speed.

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Posted by Jenny on Monday, September 19, 2011